Hands-On Approach

Chiropractic is derived from two Greek words "cheiros" (by means of the hand) and praktikos (practical). In keeping with our origins, at Chiropractic Plus we take a hands on approach to establishing the cause of your problems, providing practical solutions to not only treat pain, but provide longer term improvements. Chiropractors have to be registered to practice. We follow strict professional guidelines from both the General Chiropractic Council and British Chiropractic Association.

Extra help at hand

Acupuncture Close Up

For many clients, chiropractic care alone will bring the relief they need.

As part of our hands-on treatment, we work on a range of joints related to then back, using a variety of manipulation and mobilisation techniques, massage, soft tissue therapies and acupuncture. We also actively encourage clients to participate in tailored corrective exercises and provide advice on issues ranging from healthy lifestyle choices to posture and diet.

Sometimes, however, problems are more deep-seated or complex and may require further resources to investigate the nature or extent of the issue and to aid treatment. At our branch in Pocklington, we have additional in-house services designed to complement the chiropractic care we provide. These include:

  • Tui Na Deep tissue massage(also available at Haxby)
  • Acupuncture
  • Pilates (one-to-one tuition)
  • Clinical psychology
  • Remedial massage, aromatherapy massage and Reflexology (& facial reflexology)

If necessary, we engage a range of external professionals and diagnostic imaging services to provide more detail and enable us to manage your care properly. If we feel your case is better suited to a different healthcare discipline, we can arrange an onward referral. The outside services we use include accessing private orthopaedic consultations and specialist physiotherapy and podiatry services, arranging MRI and CT scans, ultrasounds and obtaining various laboratory tests.

For further information about the full range of additional services offered by Chiropractic Plus, please contact our clinics in Haxby on (01904) 766966 or Pocklington on (01759) 303289.

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