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The Chiropractic Plus experience is unique to every client. Your chiropractor will guide you along a personal journey through our three stages of care, tailoring treatment to your needs and utilising additional resources to set you on the road to well-being. Chiropractic Plus has four fully trainied chiropractors, all registered with the General Chiropractic Council and all members of the British Chiropractic Association.

Carol Latto

Carol Latto

Born and bred in Scotland, Carol Latto grew up with a love of sciences, studying mathematics and chemistry at university. After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic treatment firsthand and observing a chiropractor at work, Carol decided to learn more about the profession, immersing herself in the art, science and philosophy of being a chiropractor.

In 1987, Carol embarked on four years training at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, where she was awarded a prize for a research project on the instability of the lumbar spine. After graduating in 1990, she worked as a locum in several clinics, observing chiropractors at work whilst furthering her studies in several areas, including acupuncture, applied kinesiology (AK) and sacro-occipital therapy (SOT), nutrition and massage.

Following six years spent living and working in Glasgow, Carol moved to Yorkshire in late 2002 to join Chiropractic Plus. In addition to her chiropractic work at Pocklington and Haxby, she runs a clinic at a podiatry practice, addressing patients’ foot mechanics and gait issues. She also has an interest in TMJ (jaw) problems and has been involved in research groups with Glasgow Dental Hospital, private dentists and orthodontists.

Carol said: “My passion for helping people achieve a better quality of life means I am always striving to improve the services and level of care we offer at Chiropractic Plus. I love the challenge of finding a solution to complex, long term problems, which often require collaboration between disciplines and tailored research.”

At a national level, Carol has played an active role in the British and Scottish Chiropractic Associations, holding various committee and council positions. She was awarded a Fellowship of the British Chiropractic Association for the conferences she has run on its behalf and her level of continuing professional development has led to Carol being awarded a Fellowship of the College of Chiropractors.

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